Friday, 27 October 2017

Shoe box

Letterkenny on the first day back

Bring warm clothes and lunch.

You need to let me know if u handed in a shoe box

That's part of the deal


Meet in the canteen after reg

Carlingford and hols

Get saving for this. It will cost in the region of 70 euro

Enjoy mid term and thanks for all the work

Hope u enjoyed the first term

Thursday, 26 October 2017

N Odhran drama piece

Message for N. Odhran about the homework and Portfolio piece for Drama

This is just to clarify for a few people who were asking because they missed class last week with football.

The overview I gave you the first day outlines options for a Portfolio piece for Drama. They are
• A monologue in response to the “Home Alone” monologue.
• A recording based on one of the scripts we used in class. (This can be done in a group)
• A review of Ger Carey Live or of the school musical, “Thank you for the Music.” (Last week’s class was spent teaching you how to write reviews, there is a handout on reviews, if you want a copy come to see me after mid term.)
• A model set design for the script called “Sam” as you interpreted it. (This can be done in a group)

Regarding the set design:
This is the basis of our next class.
You need to discuss with your group (over the mid term) how you are going to present the set.
It can be done in a shoebox, or on a base like a lego base board.
It should 25 cm squared to 50 cm squared.
You will need to bring materials for making the background, the floor, the props and figures to class next time we meet. If you need glue, scissors, coloured card, etc bring your own or give me a list on the Monday we come back.

This needs to be planned in advance; you cannot show up with nothing prepared/done.

Have a good mid term, see you all soon.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Shoe box. Please respond.

Students who are supposed to be going on the 6th Nov- please inform me by email if u have taken in a shoe box to the school


Tuesday, 24 October 2017


8 people still have to surf. They will do this the first week back after hols. That means i can take another 8 people. But u will have to pay 15 euro. Thats the price of the surfing. Anyone who wants to surf the week after mid term please take in the 15 euro asap.


Money for surfing/astro

Please get the money in and get your bill squared up before the hols .... interest will be charged otherwise!!!

Bank application

Has to be in tomorrow

Gender inequality talks this week

Talks taking place in the library in the school here this week. Go to the library at the appropriate time thanks

Wed 1120-120 - N Odhran

Wed 2-4 - N Oisin

Thursday 2-4 - N Orla

Workshops are interactive


Monday, 23 October 2017

Important important important

Hi all

Please read all

For PE tomorrow - anyone who is going to the talk in the library or who is due to surf tomorrow (all 24 of u) please meet me in the canteen at 1240 sharp. I will select the 16 surfers then. Please have your own lunch as the canteen will not be serving food at this time or make sure to get it at 11 break.
People will be walking down down so be prepared for the weather. If I do not have enough for the talk I will have to have a draw at that stage. I need about 20 so if u are interested go to the canteen at that time. I don't want to do a draw so hopefully it will work out.

The rest meet at the Sports Hall at 2pm - have warm clothes and bring 1 euro for use of astro


Msg from Miss Ferry

I'd be so grateful if you can you please remind all in your class group that registration for the 5k Walk/run in the Dark is Wednesday and Thursday (Last day to register).

~When: 15th November @8pm

~Where: Letterkenny Town Park

~Cost: €15

~Register: This Wednesday and Thursday room 114 at 1.45pm

To register fee must be paid.  Students will make their own way to Letterkenny Town Park.  Thanks.

N Odhran assignment

Dear students of N.Odhran,

As a follow up to our class last Thursday, I am emailing you all in relation to the deadline for your assignment due for your module in Communications.

The deadline is Monday 6th November 4pm.   (If anyone chooses to use material such as a poster etc, please submit hardcopy to myself during Communications class at 10.25am on same date)

Furthermore, I would also like to avail of this opportunity to commend each individual on your participation and positive contribution to our Communications class to date.

I look forward to learning about your topic of interest, which you have chosen to present to our class.

Kind regards,


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Work experience

When attending work experience on Friday (October 27th) please remind your employers that you are on mid-term break thereafter and will resume work on November 10th.

Thank you for all your cooperation,

M. Corless

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Talk on Monday

There will be a talk on Monday from Bank of Ireland to do with the school bank. Please go to the demo room at 1025. Thanks. This is for all tys.

Shoe box appeal for everyone

This is a great cause to help people who are not as fortunate as us.

Please help them out by taking in a shoe box

Miss McDonnell has all the details


Get involved and do something nice

Shoe box appeal

For the people who emailed me weeks ago please take in a shoe box and let me know you have this done.

Otherwise I will presume you are no longer interested.

This is a great cause. Please get involved.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Shoe box appeal

Anyone that sent me an email I will meet u tomorrow morning for a couple of mins at the co ordinators office at 905. Please ask your teacher for permission.

Msg I received about mini company. Please read.

I’m aware that many of your transition year students are involved in setting up mini companies as part of TY.  We are holding our annual Christmas Craft Fair in our centre in Termon on Sunday 26th November, 2017 between 2:00pm – 6:00pm.  Tables are €20.  In previous years we have had a number of TY students taking tables and as we are now down to our last few tables I was checking if this is something that would be of interest to any of your TY students.  Our contact number is 074 9119988 if any of them would like to book or have any queries.





Majella Orr

Craoibhín Ionad Pobail & Fiontar



Leitir Ceanainn

Co Dhun na nGall


Monday, 16 October 2017

Pe tomorrow

Pe tomorrow. Staying at school. Have warm clothes for outside and have clothes for doing things inside as well. Will be a mixture of outside and inside. 1 each required. Thanks.  Report to gym at 2.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Hat found

Grey hat found on bus if anyone lost it

Also some money found as well.

Please see me and collect it

Friday, 6 October 2017

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Drama trip

Drama Trip


All Transition Year classes will be attending Ger Carey’s show at the Balor theatre in Ballybofey on Wednesday the 11th October.  We will leave after first class and return in time for last class. Full uniform to be worn, our trip happens within a school day.

The cost of the trip is €10; Mrs Curran will collect this on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Students will need to either bring a lunch or bring money for lunch in Ballybofey. There is strictly no eating or drinking during the performance in the theatre.


Problem solving- test your mind

If interested in a competition for problem solving I have some info on this

Please just come and ask thanks

Ireland game

If u missed the meeting please find out the details

Leave school at 130.

Bring warm clothes ..... wear green if u can

Bring phones and have them charged with plenty of credit


Money owed

If u are owed money from previous trips please see me asap


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Road safety show

All TY are going to the Road Safety Show in the Aura, Letterkenny on Tuesday 10th October. This is free and the school are paying for transport as it is considered a very worthwhile event.

Students can have their lunch at 12.00 and then go to the bus at 12,30. You are advised to bring your own lunch as the canteen food may not be ready.

Any student who cannot attend must let Mr Doherty or Ms Fitzsimons know in advance. Also any student who has been involved in or affected by a road accident needs to let us know.


Might have a couple left. Take in permission slip and money tomorrow and we will see if anyone is still interested

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Draw for tickets

Draw being made this afternoon. Money and permission slip must be in by then


Monday, 2 October 2017

Important msg about Gaisce

Would the following people please see Mr Walsh ASAP regarding your application form for the Gaisce Award. If you are on this list then you will not be approved to start until you speak with Mr Walsh.

Lara Barrett, Jayde Boyle, Niamh Carr, Conor Coll, Fionn Curran, Cormac Doherty, Shannon Doherty, Rionach Giles, Kevin Gormley, Orla Grier, Cian Harkin, Aisling Irwin, Rhys Irwin, Eve Kelly, Molly Kennedy, Eva Mahon, James McCollum, Michelle McDevitt, Conor McFadden, Amy McGettigan, Lauren McMahon, Eoghan Moore, Rory O'Donnell, Grainne Russell,.

PE tomorrow

1 group at school - 2 away

Please make sure you have your money!!!

Rugby or Soccer

If you are lucky enough to be heading to any of these on Friday please ask your employer for permission and work for as long as you can on Friday - please do not come into school on Friday until after school has finished

Letter for game

Ireland match letter - if you were not in today - print off and get the money in for tomorrow - thanks

Well done last week

For the most part they were the best interviews I've had in the last number of years. Well done to all. Results will be given out on Th...