Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Happy Xmas

Happy christmas to all. Hope you and your families enjoy the holidays. Stay safe and have a happy new year.

Thanks to all for all your hard work and thanks to all who have helped me out in any way. I do appreciate all the help.

See u in the new year

N oisin take note

A reminder for N.Oisin to join the Art Google classroom asap. You have the code.


Miss Coyle

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Work experience

Please note that Heatons - Sports Direct (Courtyard,Letterkenny) have contacted the school to say they are not in a position to offer TY work experience.

Well done on completing your first placement and Happy Christmas

M. Corless

Science trip

TY Science trip money and slips.

Hi guys, I really need all of the money and slips in tomorrow.

Anyone who hasn't given me them yet, please meet me in room 012 at 13.40 tomorrow wednesday 20th.


Miss Boyle

Friday, 15 December 2017

PE on Tuesday

We will be leaving the school at 140 - please bring 5 euro - total cost for activity and bus - no need for PE gear - u can stay in uniform or u can change into casual clothes - up to you - inside activity

Back for the buses

SVP/Meeting everyone about your work

Please bring in what u can for local svp. We are doing this instead of secret santa. Whatever wee bit u can afford is fine. Money to be collected in registration. Please can someone collect this in each room.

Could someone in each reg class take responsibility for this and collect it - do what u can - thanks

By the way you are finished for your hols on Wednesday. 

I have not had a chance to get to look at Yellow sheets - I will do this after xmas and we will also look at your report. Please be ready to go after xmas - I will be looking at your yellow sheet, your e-portfolio, your scrap book and your report. Please be organised and prepared for this (first week back) as I will be meeting everyone in groups. Many thanks

Game and venue

U16 final is on monday at 1130 convoy centre of excellence thanks

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Science trip

There is a compulsory trip to the BT young scientist on the 11th January. Letters with permission slips will be handed out on Monday. Cost to students will be €12, this includes ticket and bus fare. School have contributed to this also.

Can the money and permission slip be brought to Miss Boyle before next Tuesday so that tickets can be paid for.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

So impressed

Massive well done this evening to all students. So impressed with the craft fair and so impressed with the products. Excellent. It cost me a fortune!!!

Monday, 11 December 2017

School bank

Please support the school bank which is launching today.

There is a trip in it for you if you do!!

Best of luck to the bank team

Launch of school bank / trip.

Important msg. For all TY students that have opened a bank account with the school bank. Please take in 5 euro today and to come to computer room 008 with it today tuesday at lunch at 1.30pm. The link to open the account has been sent to all students on their email address that they gave so please fill it in as soon as possible. The school code and account number is on the email attached. Also if any student in TY has not opened a bank account come to the computer room at lunch today with 5 euro to open an account. Only students that have opened a bank account will go on the trip at the end of the year.

Pe tomorrow

We are staying at school. Hopefully all inside but be prepared just in case. Plenty of warm gear

Meet at the sports hall at 2pm

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Work experience. Important.

As school ends at 12noon on Friday, December 22nd please,while at your work on the 15th, inform your employers that this marks the end of your placement.

If some of you missed time there for whatever reason(s) it would be a goodwill gesture to assist on the 22nd to make up for absences.

Please see me if you did not get an evaluation form to give to your employer and remember to thank him/her and their colleagues for giving you the opportunity to work there since September.

M. Corless

Friday, 8 December 2017


I hope you all enjoyed the trip

As I said yesterday you were a credit and a pleasure to take away.

Well done to all and thanks for being so good. Well done again.

Forgot to say please thank Mr Walsh, Miss McConnell and Miss Martin when u see them next week for giving up their time. Without teachers doing this these trips would not be possible.


Craft fair for monday

Please bring a float for your table i.e. change!!


Craft fair called off

Hi all

For safety reasons the craft fair is cancelled this evening.

We are going to have an inhouse craft fair on monday hopefully

Take all products with you and anything else u need.

Thanks and please spread the word .... through snapchat or whatever means!


Monday, 4 December 2017


Trying to sort this now

I'll let u know in morn thanks


Leave school 830
Ramelton 840
Letterkenny 850

Bring lunch for tomorrow or money to buy some

Plenty of warm clothes

You can bring money for the shop at night.

Ty mobile will be in use

Please be on your best behaviour and enjoy the few days

Yellow sheet / strikes

Hi all

Due to dealing with a number of discipline issues today I did not get a chance to look at everyones yellow sheet. I did get to see 1 class.

Please get all signatures on this when we get back.

I did not even get a chance to look at strikes. I can only hope no one got to 4 strikes today. If you did you are very lucky.

Lines for raffle- all cards must be returned

Try your best to get them all sold. Sheets must be in tomorrow before we go. Big effort please to sell them. Prize for students who sell the most.

All cards must be sent back in - sold or unsold

Please make a big effort as these are for all extra curricular activities in the school - and you certainly get plenty

Big effort please

Friday, 1 December 2017

Bleep test scores - help required

The students who put in the Bleep test scores for me in September

Please see me first thing on Monday

Many thanks

Carlingford - clothes

Plenty of warm clothes - plenty of changes of clothes - plenty of old clothes

You must bring towels

Wellies are a great idea

Rain gear

Hat gloves - anything else that you will keep you warm

Get prepared


We will see who is reading the blog!!! ROOM Schedule Carlingford

I am gonna try this out to see if this works

Anyone who can organise this tonight between yourselves can email me and you will get first preference on the room

However I am only accepting one email per room so u have to sort it out between yourselves and then get one person to email me at giving me the names of the people in your room and the room u want

If you mess this up - you loose the room

For the boys
1 room of 10
1 room of 8
 3 rooms of 6
1 room of 4

For the girls

2 room of 6
2 room of 8
1 rooms of 4

First come first served!!!

We will see who is reading the blog!!!


Please see the previous msg with regard to Carlingford - more info to follow - please read all of it carefully



If you were not hear on Tuesday please find out all the info

Loads of warm clothes, TOWELS, plenty of changes of clothes - don't be bringing the best of clothes

Everyone is looking forward to it so please everyone get involved and have a great time!!!

Leave at 830 in the morning - 840 Ramelton and 850 at Mount Errigal - be there!!!

See Programme for Carlingford


PM Activity

Eve Activity
AM Activity @ 9:00

PM Activity

Eve Activity
AM Activity @ 9:00

Arrive to Carlingford, Welcome Brief & Room allocation
Night Line
Wake up to music &  Breakfast
Crystal Maze
Carlingford Challenge
Wake up to Music, Breakfast & Depart Bedrooms
Laser Combat North
Thankyou Debrief, Group Photo & depart for home.

Carlingford Challenge
Crystal Maze
Night Line
Laser Combat South

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