Saturday, 30 September 2017

Ireland game

It's not great news but it's not bad news

I have just got 40 or so tickets for the Ireland game. It will probably be an open draw for who goes. I will give you permission slips on Monday. Draw will be on Tuesday when permission slip and money must be in. No permission slips or money = no entry into draw (unless there is a very valid reason). It will probably cost a total of 20 euro.

Hope everyone is happy with that

Monday, 25 September 2017

Door is always open

Please speak to me if there are any issues. My door is always open.

Things seem to be going well. Well done and keep this up.

Trips. Take note please

Wee point

Trips are organised for all students. Please go on them when they are organised. If you are not able to go please speak to the teacher organising the trip and explain your reasons.

Many thanks

Using google classroom - step by step guide

the above link might help with google classroom - this is a step by step guide

Thanks a million

N Odhran - please complete

Please log onto google and go to google classroom and join the class - code = s3g6gm

You will be given a short task to do - please complete this and send this back to me - please see directions on next post if unsure - hopefully this will help you - this must be completed - thanks

PE this week

Same arrangements as last week except the group at school = N Oisin - the other two groups are away - we will be starting to collect the 20 euro so please have this with you - thanks


Shoe Box Appeal

Anyone interested in the shoe box appeal - I will need 12 students to go to Letterkenny on Monday 6th Nov to pack boxes.
All for charity. Get involved. May have to draw names out of a hat if there is too many.

Names to me by Friday of this week - please email me if you are interested


Please note - as a requirement for taking part in the above you must bring in your own shoe box to the school when they are collecting - think this is only fair!!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

PE for next number of weeks - read carefully

PE for the next few weeks - same schedule every week

2 groups are going to Fanad. 1 group is staying at school. This will change every week. We will be doing this for the next 5 weeks. Activities will include Ji Jitsu, Surfing, Pitch and Putt and Beach. Groups that are leaving the school - Leave the school @ 1.20 sharp - u can get changed down there. Bring surfing gear, walking / running gear and pitch and putt gear with u. Please also bring a towel and a packed lunch as u will have to eat the lunch on the way down the road. Straight to the bus when the bell rings at 1.20 as we are tight on time. U must be ready to participate in any of the activities in Fanad. 

Group at school - Report to the Sports Hall at 2pm

Total cost for the 5 weeks = 20 euro (this works out at 4 euro per week) - please pay this in one payment if you can! We will give u a couple of weeks to pay this. Any issues please see me!

Group in school this week - N Odhran
The other two groups are in Fanad


Please see the msg - from me -Thanks

Could the following students see me on Monday morning for a msg. Thanks

Mark McBride
Mark Gallagher (Fanad)
Peter Carr
Odhran McGroarty
Grainne Russell
Ryan McGinley
Christopher Gallagher
James McCollum


Friday, 15 September 2017

Trip on Monday

Hi All,

The TY Student enterprise ideas generations workshop is on this Monday 18th September - Silver Tassie Hotel, Letterkenny 10am – 2pm.

All of our TY mini company students will attend this event. 

The students will be provided with soup and sandwiches for their lunch.

They need to bring €2 for the bus and they all need to wear their uniform on the day. 

Can you please remind your groups of this information the next time you see them.

Many thanks,

Thressa McConnell.

Work experience

All TY students should now have secured their first placement.

Due to a trip on Monday 18th, the N. Oisin attendance sheets will be signed on Sept 25th in PFW class.

N. Odhran should bring theirs to registration on Tuesday, Sept. 19th to get signed.

N. Orla's will be signed in PFW on Wed., Sept. 20th.

Sincere thanks for your co-operation this far,

M. Corless

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Well done to all on your results today - I hope that everyone is happy with their results

Massive well done

A massive well done yesterday - you were a credit to take away - I hope that you all enjoyed!!!

I was telling people all day of how good you were - keep it up

Monday, 11 September 2017

Gaisce please read

Would students who are interested in working on the Bronze Gaisce Award please note that Mr Walsh is putting Monday 18th September as the final date for students to have registered for the award. If any student is struggling to get appropriate activities by this date but wish to work on the award then please speak to Mr Walsh and let him know your situation.


Mr Walsh

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Letterkenny hospital

Anyone who has to do their induction course for their work experience in lkenny hospital please see me first thing on Monday


Trip on Tuesday!! Read carefully

Please read 

 I have decided to try something different this year. Hopefully you will enjoy. This trip will be on Tuesday 12th September - a wee bonding trip. 

The total cost is 15 euro each. This must be in on Monday. I will collect during reg. Everyone is required to go!! This will include bus and activities. You will need loads of extra clothes. Please bring an old pair of clothes as they will get ruined. Check it out. Search on Facebook clonmany equestrian centre and scroll down to see some of the pictures .... I did it before .... Great craic .... hopefully you will enjoy!
Hopefully this will be a great start to the year. 

Msg from the Centre for Tuesday trip - The kids need to wear old clothes and foot ware in case they lose a shoe in the bog challenge. They need to also bring a change of old clothes to change into after the bog challenge. They need to bring a towel and a plastic bag/black bag for their wet clothes. The kids will get hosed down after the mud-run but showers are not available.PLEASE DO NOT WEAR GOOD CLOTHES AS THE CHANCES ARE YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO WEAR THEM AGAIN .... I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE!!!

On Tuesday go to reg first and then go straight to the buses - you do not need to wear your uniform


Sunday, 3 September 2017

PE work for the year - please take note

Money issues!!

As I mentioned on Tuesday last please see me if you have any problems with regard to money - please do not avoid trips due to money - these are the trips that you will remember most from TY

If there are any issues at all (money or anything else) - please see me and I will do my best for you - we will work out something together - payment plan - payment at a later date - please don't worry about things - come and speak to me - in confidence - My door is always open - please remember this throughout the year!


Use of pictures - please read and take note

There is a folder (TY) on the Loreto school facebook page for TY 2017/18 - we will get photos and put them up there from now on - I hope that this is okay with everyone

If there is a problem and people do not want their pictures up please see me asap and I will take care of this - if people do not have access to facebook - again please see me and we can arrange something

Please be very careful with the use of photos and if in any doubt about certain pictures .. then don't post them - be very mindful of your friends and of others - and what they would like or not like

Many thanks

Please be signed in properly

Please make sure that when u are trying to click on the links on the blog pages that u are signed into your google schools account - u can obviously do this from home - if u do this I think that you will have no problem in seeing the material - let me know but hopefully this will work for u

You will need your school email address that you were all given - any problems with this - please see Mr Curley.

You will need to be on this (school email system) all the time anyway as a lot of the teachers will be using this to send you through assignments and different pieces of information - so get using this system

Portfolio work - very important

Please remember that there are examples of portfolios and scrap books in where u have computers - have a look and be aware of what u have to do


Check out these videos

Please check out these videos - this is from the end of year presentation last year - you will be required to complete a 3 minute presentation like this - if not better - at your end of year interview. You can start working on it now at the start of the year and you can add different bits in then as you go along. There will be different teachers along the way who will help you. This presentation will be in addition to your portfolio, scrap book and any other activities that you will complete along the way. So get working and I expect to see some excellent presentations at the end of the year - your presentation can take any format - but it true to say that you would probably have to complete it on some kind of computer format.

Best of luck

Work Experience

Any students intending to start their work experience on Friday, Sept. 8th will get the necessary attendance record sheet and information for the employers from Miss Corless before then.  
If you are still finalising such a placement then make contact with your employer to inform them of your start on Friday, Sept. 15th.  
Preparation for Work classes will start next week.
All Ty students are expected to be in their first placement on the 15th September

Miss Corless

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