Monday, 23 October 2017

Important important important

Hi all

Please read all

For PE tomorrow - anyone who is going to the talk in the library or who is due to surf tomorrow (all 24 of u) please meet me in the canteen at 1240 sharp. I will select the 16 surfers then. Please have your own lunch as the canteen will not be serving food at this time or make sure to get it at 11 break.
People will be walking down down so be prepared for the weather. If I do not have enough for the talk I will have to have a draw at that stage. I need about 20 so if u are interested go to the canteen at that time. I don't want to do a draw so hopefully it will work out.

The rest meet at the Sports Hall at 2pm - have warm clothes and bring 1 euro for use of astro


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