Thursday, 26 October 2017

N Odhran drama piece

Message for N. Odhran about the homework and Portfolio piece for Drama

This is just to clarify for a few people who were asking because they missed class last week with football.

The overview I gave you the first day outlines options for a Portfolio piece for Drama. They are
• A monologue in response to the “Home Alone” monologue.
• A recording based on one of the scripts we used in class. (This can be done in a group)
• A review of Ger Carey Live or of the school musical, “Thank you for the Music.” (Last week’s class was spent teaching you how to write reviews, there is a handout on reviews, if you want a copy come to see me after mid term.)
• A model set design for the script called “Sam” as you interpreted it. (This can be done in a group)

Regarding the set design:
This is the basis of our next class.
You need to discuss with your group (over the mid term) how you are going to present the set.
It can be done in a shoebox, or on a base like a lego base board.
It should 25 cm squared to 50 cm squared.
You will need to bring materials for making the background, the floor, the props and figures to class next time we meet. If you need glue, scissors, coloured card, etc bring your own or give me a list on the Monday we come back.

This needs to be planned in advance; you cannot show up with nothing prepared/done.

Have a good mid term, see you all soon.

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