Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Trip next Tuesday

All TY classes will be attending a performance of the play "Private Peaceful" at An Grianan Threatre in Letterkenny on Tuesday March 6th. We will be leaving at 9.45am.

The cost of the trip is 12 euros (which covers bus and ticket to the play)

Students MUST bring a lunch as we will be continuing directly on to Downings for PE.

We WILL NOT be coming back into the school so bags and PE gear must be brought.


Mrs Curran

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Module change

Last module change starting next Monday. Timetables will be outside my office in the practical corridor for anyone not sure where to go.

Just ask if unsure thanks

Plans for Wednesday

Hi everyone,

You will be involved in Scifest all day on Wednesday and will follow the timetable below:

8.57 - 9.05 registration in usual rooms
9.05 - 10.00 setting up projects and official opening of Scifest@loretomilford in the gym
10.00 - 11.05 judging round 1 in gym
11.05 - 11.20 break as usual
11.20 - 13.00 judging round 2 in gym
13.00 - 13.20 TY allowed to visit happy camper
13.20 - 14.00 lunch as usual
14.00 - 15.00 careers talk with Miss Devir and Martin Davies from pramerica in demo room
15.00 - 16.00 awards ceremony and photographs in gym.

We will have approx 12 judges from a variety of organizations so ensure that you are well prepared for them and are representing the school with pride throughout the day.

Any questions let me know

Miss Boyle

Monday, 26 February 2018

Jes I'm good to yous!!

first thing in morn for Alton.... thats it then!!


PE tomorrow

Due to only a small number of students being interested in jiving again - we are unable to run with it - we needed around 20 to make it work - we only had around 10.

Therefore all students will be leaving tomorrow at 145 at the front of the school

Please make sure that you have gear with you to do spinning, circuits in the gym or the pool

Please note that anyone wishing to go to the gym - outside the people that we assign there - you will probably have to do circuits along with the rest of the students (due to a lack of room)- we have big numbers so we have to try and have plenty in the pool as well - we will see how it works over the next couple of weeks

If swimming you need a swim hat - or you will have to buy one!!

Therefore we will have a group doing circuits and spinning and they will then switch over and then students in the gym

5 euro each must be paid on the day - any other money outstanding please get this paid aswell

Just get changed down there - bring lunch with you if u need

Celtic money

Some mentioned they still have a deposit - you need to give this to me please - thanks


A lot of people did not have their evaluations completed after being asked a number of times to do this

You need to get this done asap and please show it to me - you will loose marks in the interview if it is not completed and signed by you and your parent/guardian - if you do not show it to me then you will be marked down


Thanks again to the students who helped out today - I really appreciate it - thanks

Friday, 23 February 2018


Anyone thats wants to jive next Tuesday must email me asap. I thought I would have been able to get a group of 20 or so. We need 20 to make it work.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Scifest - please read

Scifest - Expectations.

Scifest is happening next Wenesday 28th Feb.

Click on the link below to see a sample of recent Scifest projects from other schools.
Look at the STANDARD of these, most were done by first and second years. Ours needs to be BETTER!!
5 groups from our school will progress to the regional finals and ALL projects of an adequate standard will receive a Scifest certificate.

Ensure you spend some time making your visual display look intriguing to judges and visitors and ensure that your portfolio looks professional.

If you have any questions, please see Miss Boyle ASAP - use school email to sign in


Great initiative. Get involved.

The Teaching and Learning Team is in the process of establishing a Peer Mentoring project. We invite applications from TY students interested in becoming mentors.

During the project 

Mentor training will take place
Each mentor will be paired with a Junior student who they will meet regularly
Mentors will provide support and encouragement to their mentee
Teachers from the Teaching and Learning Team will lead, supervise and support the project

A suitable candidate to be a mentor will

Be a good communicator
Have a positive outlook
Be a creative thinker
Have excellent attendance
Make a commitment to a nine-week project
Have the ability to reflect and evaluate

Mentors will benefit by

Developing their interpersonal skills
Experiencing a leadership role
Increasing their confidence
Improving collaboration and organisation skills
Reflecting on their attitudes and values 

Apply by emailing Mrs Curran before 1.20pm on Monday 26th. Mentors will be appointed on Tuesday 27th. 

Monday is last day for Alton towers

You must have your 50 euro non refundable deposit in by Monday. Boyces have to book hotels. No excuses. Any major issues with this as always please see me.



Please get your own teachers permission if you are going to be out of class. You must ask personally every individual teacher.

You have been told this many times.

celtic trip is off

due to a number of people speaking to me i have decided to put the celtic trip off.

hopefully we will get another date in April. Its not guaranteed but hopefully we will.

hope everyone happy with this

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Celtic trip next weekend!

As you know we had a few issues with fixtures. So the Scottish Cup quarter final has become available next weekend. Saturday 3rd march. We are going to go with that. I know its short notice but we are not guaranteed a fixture later in the season. Due to this the remaining 45 pounds sterling must be in by Monday at the latest. Anyone that has paid a deposit .... please take note .... if there is any issues with you going .. you must speak to me before Thursday or email me ... otherwise I will presume you are going and you will have the rest of the money on Monday. If you do not speak to me  before Thursday and you do not go you will loose your deposit! I have to book the tickets tomorrow.  I know I am asking for a good bit of money all at once but I did see this coming... that's why I asked you to speak to everyone at home over mid term about this. I am trying to spread this out as much as I can. As always any issues with money please see me. Thanks

N Odhran

On Monday you will be doing first aid training in the community centre down the town. You will be walking down so be prepared. Full uniform to be worn. You will be down all day so please have lunch with you. You will be able to go to the shop aswell. Please meet in the canteen at 905. The school are covering part of the cost. The cost to you is 10 euro. Please have this 10 euro with you on Monday. Not bad for a first aid qualification. I hope you will agree!!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Please complete the next set in your diaries for nov dec and jan. Please have these completed by Monday. Students who did the evaluations the last time - can you please collect during reg and then see me please.


Msg for Anthony and Kent

Due to the parent teacher meeting tomorrow evening I will be meeting you tomorrow at 9.05 with your yellow sheet. Please have everything signed. Please also have your E portfolio up to date and have your scrap book with you or started online.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Girls and technology

For the Attention of TY Girls - Have you an interest in Computers, Coding, Technology !

An representative from SITA has contacted us in relation to an initiative of attracting women into technology; they have invited two schools in Donegal; Moville and Loreto Milford to take part in  their high level plan to show girls that technology is a viable path for them: 

Girls selected will attend SITA, Letterkenny on  Thursday 8th March.  At such time, SITA are hoping to have 4 female students from LYIT who are currently receiving the SITA Sponsored bursary; to meet with the selected girls and share their stories with them and to give them an idea of what is available to them if they decide to follow the technology path.   If you feel you would be interested in attending this event please forward your name to Mrs Donna Harkin/Mr Doherty via email.

Kind regards.  

Donna Harkin 

Money talks

I was onto Boyce's this evening. They need to book rooms for Alton towers asap.

Therefore we need a 50 euro non refundable deposit by Thursday of this week so we will know then about numbers. If there are any issues with this please see me before Thursday. Thanks

Please pass this word around

pe tomorrow

find out if you were not in today. i went around all the classes.


Friday, 9 February 2018

Please find out

Regarding celtic and alton towers

Please find out the important info on this which I discussed with everyone yesterday

Please discuss this at home


Referees course

Only had 6 interested - it will not run with that amount!!

Info Updates - please read - your gonna be busy!!

The next change over module is the week starting 5th March - you will have their 3rd group starting that week.

A few dates for you:
Bank talks for one double class - 7th March  - 12-1.20 - N Orla and also 7th March - N Odhran 2 - 3.20 
Wednesday 14th March - 2-320 N Oisin

First Aid Training - all day
Monday 26th Feb - N Oisin
Monday 5th March - N Orla
Monday 12th March - N Odhran 

New info - make up event for TYs will take place on Thursday 22 Feb and Thursday 1st March from 2-4pm on each date

Also on Thursday 8th March the students will be taking part in 'environmentally themed workshops' here in the school 
9.05-11.05 - N Orla
11.20 - 120 - N Oisin and N Odhran


Enjoy midterm 

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Have a read - time is short- see if you are interested!!

Dear Ms O’Connor,
I am writing to ask you to inform your students and teachers, specifically those involved in English, Media Studies, RE and CSPE, about an exciting new journalism venture which the Far East magazine and Columbans in Ireland are hosting as part of their centenary (1918-2018) celebrations.
I attach an ad for the competition.
We are looking for students (aged 15-18 inclusive) to write an article or make a video report that informs, challenges and raises important issues on the topic: ‘Migrants Are Our Neighbours’.
The objective of the competition is to encourage students to use their journalistic writing and mobile skills to look at a topical issue which is relevant to Irish society today and resonates with Catholic Social Teaching.
We have secured some high-profile judges from the world of journalism for the competition. They are:
- Fionnán Sheahan - Editor of the Irish Independent.
- Patsy McGarry - Religious Affairs correspondent with The Irish Times.
- Michael Kelly - Editor of the Irish Catholic.
- Bobby Gilmore SSC - writes and campaigns on migrant issues.
The closing date for entries is 8 February 2018.
The winning articles and videos will be announced in Columban media on 15 March 2018.
Prizes will be presented by the former president of Ireland, Dr Mary McAleese, on 29 June 2018.
More information:
I do hope to see some entries from Loreto Community School, Milford!
Best wishes,
Sarah Mac Donald
Editor – The Far East Magazine

Attachments area

Monday, 5 February 2018

Pe tomorrow

Gym and jiving. Please bring 2 euro aswell. If you owe money from before please bring aswell please. Get your debts sorted.


Work experience

While you are at work experience on Friday, Feb. 9th remind your employers that due to mid-term you will not be there on Friday, Feb. 16th.

Thank you,

Miss Corless

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Scifest please read

Scifest 28th February- update on judging panel

Hi guys,

Our judging panel for our Scifest@school event now includes the following companies and people;

Bank of Ireland


LYIT Science department

Boots pharmacy

Randox laboratories

Enterprise Ireland

Scifest Representatives

Donegal Co. Council central laboratory.

Noel Cunningham (from TV3, Ireland AM)

Gabrielle McMonagle (from Gabrielle's diary)

The happy camper will also be in attendance on the day for you to buy pancakes/hot chocolate in your break and to help with judging. 

Please make sure all your projects are ready to impress the judges on the day. Plenty of research and data!! 

Highland radio have also been in contact and they want to conduct an interview with some students on Monday 26th of February. Can anyone interested in this please email Ms Boyle ASAP. 

Well done last week

For the most part they were the best interviews I've had in the last number of years. Well done to all. Results will be given out on Th...