Thursday, 30 November 2017

Didnt get a chance today

Will check yellow sheets on Monday

Good job too as I know a lot of signatures are still outstanding

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Yellow sheets

I am going to start looking at yellow sheets tomorrow ...

Lines for raffle

Try your best to get them all sold. Sheets must be in on monday. Big effort please to sell them. Prize for students who sell the most.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Bank manager

Meeting on monday. Please see me about it. Thanks.

14 people not accounted for

If you have not taken in a permission slip get it in first thing. No more messing about. I need to know.

If you think u are not going the least u can do is come and speak to me

Please get this sorted first thing in morning

Monday, 27 November 2017

Friday, 24 November 2017

Yellow sheets/e-portfolio/PE

PE work will be handed back over the next few days - please have your yellow sheets to PE on Tuesday as the teachers will sign it during PE - do not forget it!! Same format as last week in PE

I will be checking all yellow sheets before Carlingford to see how students are getting on - please have your yellow sheet with you every day from now on - please also get your e-portfolio and scrap book up to date - thanks

Change of modules - the 3 way split

Just a reminder that the TY modules (11 week modules) will change over from Monday next

Please note
 Odhran - will now move to what Oisin had
 Oisin - will now move to what Orla had
 Orla - will now move to what Odhran had

If you are not sure I have put a copy of the 3 timetables up outside the coordinators office - you should be able to follow it from there - if you are really unsure come and see me - thanks

Thanks and enjoy the weekend

Mr Doherty

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


All permission slips and money must be in with me by Monday please

Any issues with this please just see me thanks

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Pe work

Due on Tuesday. Do not forget.

Work experience. Please read.

All students are asked to make contact with their '2nd' work experience employers in order to secure the placement in January.

This point was mentioned in last week's PFW classes.

Secondly, have all Friday dates accounted for on your work attendance sheets (i.e. work attendance / school activities / absences)

Thank you for your cooperation

Friday, 17 November 2017

15 euro on Monday required

I have been asked to post this up.

Details: On Wed 22nd all students are going paintballing.

Bring in €15 on Monday, Leaving school during small break,  bring old clothes and shoes as we will be getting changed there and a packed lunch.

Note please bring really old clothes


E-Portfolio - add the work in

Please make sure that you get your scrap book started either on your own individual e-portfolio or a hard copy version - if you have not your e-portfolio set up - you need to speak to me asap

Please make sure that you get all work completed on time and handed in - please get all teachers to sign your yellow sheet - the most important sheet of the year

When you get your corrected work back from the teachers please make sure and add this corrected piece of work onto your e-portfolio

I will be checking your e-portfolio, your yellow sheet and your scrap book in the next few weeks!!!

Carlingford is coming up ..... just throwing it in there .... in other words get your work done and you will have nothing to worry about!!


PE for next few weeks

Due to Carlingford and the expense of it we are going to stay at school for the next few weeks - so that there is no added expense

Report to the Sports Hall at 2pm

Have plenty of gear as you will be outside and inside at different times - have spare gear as well in case you get wet - we are going to be doing a variety of activities


U16 Quarter Final

To any of the boys involved - please have your gear on Monday for training - all players to attend - no excuses - pass the word around

Game is looking like Tuesday now of next week - please be prepared

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Miss a deadline. Strike given

Miss a deadline. This equals a strike. No excuses. Get your work done.

Pe is due on Tuesday on Google classroom. No excuses.


Bank training

New bank team training. Next Wednesday from 9 to 11.

Please speak to me about it

Monday, 13 November 2017

Courses but they are very expensive!!!!!!!

I have information on various courses that could be covered in your own time - they are very expensive (200 euro in fact) - They are run by Dublin City University - 4 courses in Medicine, Psychology, Legal Studies and Writing

I just thought I better inform you!!

PE tomorrow

You will be going to a local gym - have gear for outside and inside

2 euro to cover the cost - please make sure you have the money - and also make sure that you have the money from surfing if you still owe it

All to meet at the sports hall @ 2pm

Many thanks

Shoe box appeal

The students that went. Please note. I forgot to collect 3 euro as a contribution for The bus. Could u please take it into me tomorrow. Thanks


Tried my best to get tickets for game. Could not get them. Sorry

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bank Results

Hi all

This is a note from Lucia from Bank of Ireland

Fantastic interviews as always. A massive well done to all. The team are as follows:

Branch Manager : Grainne Russell
Sales Manager : Molly Kennedy
Marketing Manager : Lauren McMahon
Operations : Lara Barrett
Digi Advisors :  Cormac Doherty
                           Caoimhe Roche   
                           Kevin Gormley

Thanks to everyone who applied. 

Please keep in contact with Mr Doherty with regard to the next step.

Thanks again to all

N Finnian bleep test winners

Msg from Mr Walsh

Would any student who was in N. Finian last year please note that as you won the bleep test for 3rd year last year a trip to the cinema has been arranged for Nov 27th leaving at 10.25am (after 2nd class) and returning at lunchtime. Please bring 3euro with you to help with the cost of the bus. Your cinema ticket and popcorn/drink are paid for by the school. You MUST confirm with me that you are going before Thursday November 23rd.

O. Walsh

Students on Erasmus

I see the students who were away received very positive comments on their record sheets ( same place where strikes are recorded)

Well done great to see

Very positive
Great stuff

Carlingford letters

Permission letters are available. Please get one from me if u have not received one.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Interview times and interview questions for tomorrow

Please check out the above

Please be on time for interview and be prepared - please see questions at the bottom of the page to help you to prepare - please take some time to prepare for interview

Interviews will be in co-ordinators office - please only come down to the office 5 mins before your due time

Thanks and the very best of luck

Monday, 6 November 2017

Bank interviews

This Wednesday. More details to follow

Group today in lkenny

One of the best groups ever I've been told

A massive well done to the group of girls

Over 600 boxes checked

Massive well done

Hope u got something out of it

Miss Houston has pictures


PE tomorrow - take note

Anyone who has not surfed for the first time (remember u get marked down if u miss it) or who wants to surf again (and has their money paid or who have spoke to me about surfing again) - please go to the bus at 120 - if I have more than 16 at that point I might have to do a draw!!

The rest please go to the Sports Hall at 2pm - you will be outside for a while and inside for a while so please bring appropriate gear as it is wet and cold at the minute - you have been warned!!

If you have not paid the 20 - it is long overdue - please get it paid asap!!


Well done last week

For the most part they were the best interviews I've had in the last number of years. Well done to all. Results will be given out on Th...