Thursday, 22 March 2018

Please read. Same day as Alton though!

For anyone not going. It might be of use.
Please let me know if your interested.

Hello There


My name is Aoife O Donnell I am a physiotherapist based at Letterkenny University Hospital.


Myself and another physiotherapist Eimear Masterson are arranging a physiotherapy information day for transition year students on Friday the 13th of April from 10-1 in the conference room in the hospital.

Unfortunately this room only holds 50 people so I need to stress that this talk is only for students who have a genuine interest in physiotherapy.

I understand a few of the schools are quite far away but I just feel everyone should have the opportunity to come and listen.

As I have quite a lot of schools I may have to limit each school to 5 students however that may change if certain schools cannot come.

Unfortunately I have no transport resources either so this would be either up to the school or the individual.

Feel free to contact myself or Eimear via email or telephone the hospital and ask for extension 2568.

I am hoping to have other health professions available on the day this has yet to be confirmed.

I am aware that one of our OT's goes to talk to the students at your school however if your interested in attending this day also your more than welcome.


Many Thanks


Aoife O Donnell.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Talks tomorrow

Girls have make up talk after lunch for last 3 classes.

Could all the boys please meet in the canteen at 2pm. You are going to a sports nutrition talk down in the town library.


Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Work experience and Alton Towers

Please note.

Anyone going to Alton Towers. Please mention that to your employers as well. This is the first week back after Easter. You will be missing the Friday (April 13th). AFTER THIS FRIDAY at work experience.  YOU WILL NOT BE THERE FOR 3 WEEKS. Please make sure and say to your employers.

Anyone not going to Alton Towers. YOU WILL BE AT WORK EXPERIENCE THAT DAY. NO EXCUSES. I have given Ms Corless a list.

Work experience

While attending work experience on Friday 23rd remind your employers you will be on Easter holidays thereafter and will return on Friday, April 13th.

Ensure your attendance sheet is signed and all dates recorded.


M. Corless

Money tomorrow

Don't forget... permission slips and money

This has to be in

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Alton towers

1 other student has pulled out. Oisin Coyle ... you are now able to go!

The 3 reserves are now going.

Just to let you know if anyone else pulls out you will not be able to get your deposit back.


All money must be in by Tuesday. You must have permission slip as well.


Scifest - going forward

- well done to each and everyone of you for taking part. The judges sang your praises and you really did do your school proud.

- feedback from the judges has now been collated and has been emailed to you all so you can see points to improve for again. Like I said to some of you, this feedback applies to interview situations also.

- all students should have received their certificate now, please see your science teacher or Miss Boyle if you were absent

- ALL students, regardless of whether they won a prize, are eligible for a Bronze CREST award for their projects. This is an internationally recognized award, if you would like to apply for one, please bring €11 to Miss Boyle and she will help you fill in the application.

- again ALL students can enter their Scifest project or another project into the BT young scientist exhibition next year. To apply you need to write a one page summary of your project and bring to Miss Boyle along with €20 application fee. Groups for young scientist can have a maximum of 3 students.

- the five projects that were chosen to represent the school will be competing in LYIT on 11th May. Wishing them all the best of luck!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Concern group

Massive well done for last week. I am hearing great things about the group with regard to your work and your behaviour/attitude. Well done. Super. Keep it up.

Best of luck

Best of luck today to the students involved in mini company.... loads of work has been done so hopefully all will go really well!!

Pe for next week. Fill in please

Next week in PE.

Competition in the sports hall here v Mulroy. Please pick your activity. List is on the Sports hall door. Please fill in your name. Please get this done asap. Otherwise we will pick your activity. 


Everyone has to do one activity

Letter for alton towers

Get one today please

Permission slips and money must be in by Tuesday.... there are people on a standby list waiting for a place so please get sorted ...

Monday, 12 March 2018

Details of the trip!!! Please read

Please note - the school are contributing 40 towards the cost of the trip so the school are paying 40 and you are paying 100 - not bad!!!

Alton towers

The remaining money for alton towers has to be in by next Tuesday 20th March. That's 50 euro. Please bring this to me at my office only. Thanks

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Good luck and well done

The following TY students are away Monday and Tuesday 12/13th March.

Chloe Moore

Michelle McDevitt

Orla Grier

Molly Kennedy

Hannah Loughry

Jennifer Burns

Grainne Russell

Best of luck girls

Well done to all involved last week in letterkenny and especially to Molly Kennedy who won Outstanding Delegate at the Model United Nations conference and Lauren McMahon who won a Best Delegate award. Massive congrats to all.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Irish Quiz

Trath Na gCeist for all ty students last 2 classes on Wednesday 14 March for Seachtain na Gaeilge. 1 euro entry

Monday, 5 March 2018

Money for Pe or else ...

Please have your money for Pe or you will be staying at school. Get it paid up tomorrow.
Have all gear with you for PE

Have the money for the trip tomorrow as well


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Work Experience

Students are not expected to be at work experience tomorrow due to the red weather warning.

Please just let your employer know if they are open

Stay safe and enjoy the weekend


Unreal job done yesterday - some super super projects done and they were all very interesting - I was amazed at the amount of detail involved - well done to everyone and a special mention for the winners - massive well done

Please make sure to thank your Science teachers for all the help they gave you


Well done to the 4 girls

A massive well done to all the students who gave up their hair and especially the 4 girls who did such a fantastic shop for the princess trust charity - a massive well done girls - great thing to do - be very proud

Trip on Tuesday

For the trip on Tuesday please take your money into your English teachers


N Orla

On Monday you will be doing first aid training in the community centre down the town. You will be walking down so be prepared. Full uniform to be worn. You will be down all day so please have lunch with you. You will be able to go to the shop aswell. Please meet in the canteen at 905. The school are covering part of the cost. The cost to you is 10 euro. Please have this 10 euro with you on Monday. Not bad for a first aid qualification. I hope you will agree!!

Well done last week

For the most part they were the best interviews I've had in the last number of years. Well done to all. Results will be given out on Th...