Thursday, 22 February 2018

Great initiative. Get involved.

The Teaching and Learning Team is in the process of establishing a Peer Mentoring project. We invite applications from TY students interested in becoming mentors.

During the project 

Mentor training will take place
Each mentor will be paired with a Junior student who they will meet regularly
Mentors will provide support and encouragement to their mentee
Teachers from the Teaching and Learning Team will lead, supervise and support the project

A suitable candidate to be a mentor will

Be a good communicator
Have a positive outlook
Be a creative thinker
Have excellent attendance
Make a commitment to a nine-week project
Have the ability to reflect and evaluate

Mentors will benefit by

Developing their interpersonal skills
Experiencing a leadership role
Increasing their confidence
Improving collaboration and organisation skills
Reflecting on their attitudes and values 

Apply by emailing Mrs Curran before 1.20pm on Monday 26th. Mentors will be appointed on Tuesday 27th. 

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