Monday, 26 February 2018

PE tomorrow

Due to only a small number of students being interested in jiving again - we are unable to run with it - we needed around 20 to make it work - we only had around 10.

Therefore all students will be leaving tomorrow at 145 at the front of the school

Please make sure that you have gear with you to do spinning, circuits in the gym or the pool

Please note that anyone wishing to go to the gym - outside the people that we assign there - you will probably have to do circuits along with the rest of the students (due to a lack of room)- we have big numbers so we have to try and have plenty in the pool as well - we will see how it works over the next couple of weeks

If swimming you need a swim hat - or you will have to buy one!!

Therefore we will have a group doing circuits and spinning and they will then switch over and then students in the gym

5 euro each must be paid on the day - any other money outstanding please get this paid aswell

Just get changed down there - bring lunch with you if u need

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