Thursday, 12 April 2018

Interviews - more info - what is required

Look at the Loreto Milford website and go to Programmes and then Transition Year. You will see some examples of videos. Please have a look at these. You can come up with your own format - whatever you choose - these videos are only as a guide.

TY Interview questions - Your presentation must be no more than 3 mins long - we will then ask you questions for the remaining 2 minutes - please see the video on the school website - under Programmes and then under TY for an example - this presentation is titled - 'My year in TY'

In your presentation - u need to answer at least 10 of these questions - this can be done in any format / in any way - I def want to see some videos, animations, things that are different - up to u to be creative!
Transition Year Interviews

Portfolio / Ty events / Work experiences

1.     Have you submitted examples of work for each subject in the TY programme?

2.    What is your favourite piece? 

3.    What does it mean to you?

4.    Did you have difficulty with any piece?

5.    Did any pieces involve teamwork?  Explain.

6.    Has any piece shown a new skill/talent that you learned in TY?

7.    Is the portfolio a good representation of your efforts throughout the year?

8.    Do you think Transition Year has been a successful and beneficial to you?

9.    In what ways?

10.  Have you progressed during this year?

11.   What did you contribute to the programme?

12.  How would an employer/ friend / teacher describe you in 3 words?

13.  Did you develop any new skills on work experience?

14.  Describe a highlight/achievement on either work experience.

15.  Describe how you coped with any difficult situation(s) on work experience

 (pressures/ criticisms / attitudes)

16.  How will your work experiences / Transition Year influence you going forward into Senior Cycle?

17.  Would you recommend work placements to in-coming TY pupils? 

18.  Why?  What are the benefits?

19.  Would you recommend Transition Year to other pupils?  Explain.

20. What was/were the highlight(s) of this year for you personally?

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