Thursday, 12 April 2018

Interview dates - and extra info

Interviews are the 14th - 17th May - You must be available!!!

In the interview you will open your E - portfolio

Show us the box at the top with everything filled in by yourself - on the home page
Go through the 3 min presentation (which has been loaded) and then we will ask you questions for the remaining 2 mins - please point out any special or different things you have done throughout the year - you will be asked to show pieces from your portfolio and scrap book

Please note - you must have your Yellow sheet with you fully signed by teachers and parents/guardians 

This is your chance to show off what you have done throughout the year - be proud to do it as I know that you have loads done - please don't be afraid of this opportunity - this will hopefully be a positive experience for you and the teachers interviewing you - the interviews will be in groups (due to time constraints) - there will be at least 2 teachers interviewing you

Tell us everything - don't leave anything out - you have got 5 mins to tell us everything - do your best

Best of luck - I can't wait to see all your work

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