Thursday, 22 March 2018

Please read. Same day as Alton though!

For anyone not going. It might be of use.
Please let me know if your interested.

Hello There


My name is Aoife O Donnell I am a physiotherapist based at Letterkenny University Hospital.


Myself and another physiotherapist Eimear Masterson are arranging a physiotherapy information day for transition year students on Friday the 13th of April from 10-1 in the conference room in the hospital.

Unfortunately this room only holds 50 people so I need to stress that this talk is only for students who have a genuine interest in physiotherapy.

I understand a few of the schools are quite far away but I just feel everyone should have the opportunity to come and listen.

As I have quite a lot of schools I may have to limit each school to 5 students however that may change if certain schools cannot come.

Unfortunately I have no transport resources either so this would be either up to the school or the individual.

Feel free to contact myself or Eimear via email or telephone the hospital and ask for extension 2568.

I am hoping to have other health professions available on the day this has yet to be confirmed.

I am aware that one of our OT's goes to talk to the students at your school however if your interested in attending this day also your more than welcome.


Many Thanks


Aoife O Donnell.

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