Sunday, 18 March 2018


Scifest - going forward

- well done to each and everyone of you for taking part. The judges sang your praises and you really did do your school proud.

- feedback from the judges has now been collated and has been emailed to you all so you can see points to improve for again. Like I said to some of you, this feedback applies to interview situations also.

- all students should have received their certificate now, please see your science teacher or Miss Boyle if you were absent

- ALL students, regardless of whether they won a prize, are eligible for a Bronze CREST award for their projects. This is an internationally recognized award, if you would like to apply for one, please bring €11 to Miss Boyle and she will help you fill in the application.

- again ALL students can enter their Scifest project or another project into the BT young scientist exhibition next year. To apply you need to write a one page summary of your project and bring to Miss Boyle along with €20 application fee. Groups for young scientist can have a maximum of 3 students.

- the five projects that were chosen to represent the school will be competing in LYIT on 11th May. Wishing them all the best of luck!!

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